I love UI design.

My full artist CV can be viewed here.

My design portfolio is on Bedance.

My writing portfolio is here.

Below I share blog posts with case studies, wireframes and the usual items for a UX/UI or graphic design. (note – Essay, article, long form writing portfolio here.)

After completing all 7 courses in Google’s UX/UI Design Professional Certificate I then got a place in Dundalk Institute in their Design for Digital course. I like that it’s online and so is accessible with a busy work/life/learn balance.

Design is, for me, the pictural communication of meaning that helps the end user find the book/product they are looking for.

Below is my UX/UI portfolio and directly below are the book cover designs I created for Beir Bua Press, ABH Press, and Survision Books. Most start as handmade drawing, mark making, ink, stamps, acrylic, oil sticks or watercolour on paper and then incorporated into the digital collage. All are made to best represent the poetry for the books and to infuse the potential reader/user with the vibe of that work.

I have created (or am in the process of finalising the work to be uploaded.) a portfolio of wireframes, user personas, UX prototypes, user research, usability testing, empathy maps UX Design and US Writing tips for poets / artists / small poetry presses and art galleries below:


A user interface (UI) design is responsible for creating a digital product’s look, feel, and interaction. UX and UI design are not the same thing-although they often overlap. 

UX design, or user experience design, is the process of designing products or services with the goal of creating a positive and seamless experience for users. This involves considering factors such as usability, accessibility, and emotional appeal in order to create a product or service that is easy to use and enjoyable for the user.