Multidisciplinary Artist

My full artist CV can be viewed here.

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Art Exhibitions

Work / Force / Field /, curated by Lisa Crowne, 2023, A4 Sounds Gallery, Dublin. (Copper woven ash frame with patina)

Re-emerging, Bishopstown Library, Cork, 2023. (, A Bale of Horses with Cork Textiles Network. Photography, cotton, acrylic. 210 x 297 mm.)

Alchemical Vessels, Curated by Conor Burke, 126 Gallery, Galway, 2023. ( A Prying of Prayers, a copper and cotton woven vessel.)

Fanfare, MTU Cork School of Music, 2021. (An Ash of Bodies. copper and wool tapestry)

Work in permanent collections

MTU Cork School of Music with a copper and wool tapestry – An Ash of Bodies.

Prizes / Nominations / Professional Membership

Tipperary Artist Award 2023 recipient
Member of Sample Studios
Member of Cork Textiles Network
Shortlisted for The James Tate Prize with Survision Press September 2021
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Dream Journal (USA) November 2020
Member of Visual Artists Ireland
Member of The Design and Crafts Council Ireland
Member of South Tipp Women in Business
Poets & Writers Directory

Artist Statement

I create visual poems/poetry objects, sometimes in response to the poetry collections by Beir Bua Press. The work can be read as a veiled graffiti steaming up as ribbons or words minced by the pulmonary postmodern machine as if a deck shuffled by tornadoes.

Despite being seemingly disparate fields, heritage and art share a common ground in their focus on visual culture, material history, and the ways objects can speak to larger issues such as aesthetics, identity, and social relationships. Both disciplines are shaped by discourse and engage with the complexities of Irish female representation, Hiberno-English language and Colonisation. I play with space, form and expose moulds. I am particularly interested in how these shared concerns can be used to challenge and subvert traditional notions of historical time and place, and in the ways in which both heritage and the visual arts can be viewed as performative acts. I am drawn to acts of deconstructing language and reconstructing poetry objects from fibre, copper weaving, concrete, paint and label it Irish “indigenous” tapestry art. I am intrigued to imagine it as art discovered in a bog field; blued and tarnished copper weaving with textile – a surrealist mythology. Or creating a poetry object and not sure if it is a charcoal drawing of a 3D object made from concrete. And begging questions of alternative Irish Art History. An overarching theme is the feminine meeting the masculine through the act of digging – digging into concrete, digging into paint, exposing the shadow and leaving it rest for the viewer to finish its potential. Essentially my art holds space for  intention to divorce meaning/attachment/ and the perceptions of the reader/viewer to dig up new meaning.


Full portfolio on Instagram.