Asemic – visual poetry

My undergrad is in computer science so I'm very interested in the idea of plurality, questioning time. I studied to be a Hypnotherapist and just loved that the year long course boiled down to seeing the client as "fixed" in your mind and basically that them....the power of the spirit as word making realities.

I enjoy writing a type of post-modern poetry but I'm not as light or whimsical as the first generation - I like to question the fabric life with a darkened lenses of coming to terms of nothing ever being resolved.

The poems below have been published in journals. 

Overground Underground Visual Poetry

The best thing about living in Co. Tipperary during Lockdown was a small but more time to create. It’s easy to be inspired by the Rock of Cashel, Cahir Castle, and the rich history of a place…the below pieces were published in Overground Underground, I recommend their journal for a good read of great poetry.

Mercurius Magazine – essay

An editor’s letter I wrote for a Beir Bua anthology was republished in this exciting journal – to read it and see some more of my work – click here.

Asemics (dot) com

Like the concept of this journal and its editor, whom I talked with for Beir Bua. Was delighted to be included in the “Reports from Ireland” Here’s one of my visual poems. See the link for more.

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