Visual poetry

My undergrad is in computer science so I'm very interested in the idea of plurality, questioning time. I studied to be a Hypnotherapist and just loved that the year long course boiled down to seeing the client as "fixed" in your mind and basically that them....the power of the spirit as word making realities.
I enjoy writing a type of post-modern poetry but I'm not as light or whimsical as the first generation - I like to question the fabric life with a darkened lenses of coming to terms of nothing ever being resolved. Using a visual language is my essence - the word poetry is created using artistic techniques and the asemic (visual) is "written" these make the work, I hope, more inviting for the viewer/reader to take ownership and make their own meaning form the work.

The poems below have been published in journals and are asemic poetry, mark making poetics, video poetry and visual poetry. 
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