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Publisher at Beir Bua Press, artist and poet.

I’ve never been the best at précis…as an artist, I am constantly exploring the intersections between Irish heritage and the visual arts. Despite being seemingly disparate fields, heritage and art share a common ground in their focus on visual culture, material history, and the ways objects can speak to larger issues such as aesthetics, identity, and social relationships. Both disciplines are shaped by discourse and engage with the complexities of Irish female representation, Hiberno-English language and Colonisation. I am particularly interested in how these shared concerns can be used to challenge and subvert traditional notions of historical time and place, and in the ways in which both heritage and the visual arts can be viewed as performative acts. I am drawn to acts of deconstructing language and reconstructing poetry objects from fibre & copper weaving and label it Irish “indigenous” tapestry art. I am intrigued to imagine it as art discovered in a bog field; blued and tarnished copper weaving with textile – a surrealist mythology. And begging questions of alternative Irish Art History. Essentially my art holds space for  intention to divorce meaning/attachment/ and the perceptions of the reader/viewer to dig up new meaning.

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