Adobe InDesign – interactive cv

A project for my Adobe Certified Associate in Adobe InDesign cert. Right, Adobe InDesign does get some slack but once you sit with it, make a few projects you may see that it is a sophisticated bit of kit. For Beir Bua Press we don’t use Adobe, the whole ethos of Beir Bua is to be a self-sustaining, press sharing wildly experimental work using as much open-source software as possible. Why? My undergrad in Tech we were told about the war effort behind tech, that its initial potential usage was war and or private use. Engineers would build computers in their garages and share code to ensure knowledge and tech could not be privatised. We were told not to learn code by heart, tech changes-adapts-moves, to be collaborative, to share code, to take someone else’s code and deconstruct it so you can learn on the go. (all these years later both my poetry and art are informed by this very ethos.) And to leave breadcrumbs so if someone wants to do what you do – then they can figure it out. The first code you make, in any computer programming language, should always have the goal of having the output of sharing HELLO WORLD.

Anyway, I used the neon green, half bitten cookie was my version of Hello World – green for Ireland and our famous welcome, the cookie for sharing resources and a greating. I used Adobe InDesign, the side menu is clickable and will lead you through the document. The website link is a hyperlink and the social is clickable.

It can be also viewed here and below: