Design an Academic Research Tool for People who are new to tech – Case Study Deck and Graphics (with a nod to John Ashbery)

So, I have finished all 7 modules in the Google UX Design Professional Certificate. I was luck I already have a degree in IT with a thesis in the authoring methodology of web design…so it was OK for me. But this course was a huge time commitment with a lot of course work and that peer grading….is brutal! They will fail your work if it’s not up to scratch. Anyway, glad I am finished and can start into a very cool Irish Design course today!!

This was a fun one to make and I noticed how much better my design were becoming. I used Figma, no shade to Adobe XD, I like its plugins – the content it can generate for you but Figma is easier to see on the screen and is easier to zoom around the screen to get the big picture. I did user research and realised most people have a good grasp on tech as it is in their social circle. So including Social Media on the tool was key. Most users understood the concept of saving data to read later and they did not want to download pdf’s to their phones or PC due to storage. So including a STARED section in the bottom nav was important to include.

A funny thing about UX/UI design is the presumed native ability to already generate your own graphics. Most UX tools don’t have that photo editing space, so it’s important to already be well versed in graphic design and a graphic design tool for your UX/Ui design. I made the logo, I wanted it to be fun, relatable and also obvious as to the purpose/goal of the mobile website. As this tool is for people new to tech, mobile first design was a priority. But yea, the logo is a magnifying glass, I wanted it to convey the importance of transferable skills to the users and even though they may be new to using tech, or academic research that they have the information already they just need it enlarged.

I included John Ashbery in my design! Have a look at him in the high-fidelity mock-ups!

This is my Case Study Deck

If you want to play with the high-fidelity prototype then click here and navigate through the mobile website.

Below are mock-ups, wireframes, user personas, logo design, prototypes and a bit of my main man – John Ashbery.