Art Tutorial Website – Hi-fi Mock-up Prototype. With Graphic Design Logo and background – all informed form UX Research.

UX/UI design is based on Skeuomorphism: The design of a digital product or service to closely resemble its real-world counterpart, in order to make it more familiar and intuitive to the user. (One could almost say it is like representational poetry but its intention is to become real, does this echo what L=A=n=G=U=A=G=E poets, the avant-gardists, the postmodernists and the post-avants feel about representational poetry and our play with language to inform the designer of the power of words becoming reality…who knows!)

Here is the prototype. Click it and play through the site.

This was a fun project to work on for the Google Professional Certificate in UX/UI Design. We had to work in Adobe XD, which is nice, the plugins are handy (when you can figure them out), wish the screen was more responsive and better at scaling work so you can see all your art boards – especially for prototyping.

And….the biggest thing I have learn from doing this course….you already need to be a designer. You need to be able to make logos! No app or website is real without one. Wireframing is fun but the mock-ups and hi-fi prototypes…need logos and personalised graphics. I use Canva, I use Canva Pro and they do have a lot of handy templates but why go to the bother of learning UX/UI design if you are going to use a template logo. Design is not about the design but about visioning. I swear to actual that it feels more like being a Druid or a Shaman journeying to other planes. If you can see it, if you can paint the picture of your vision then it becomes. Thoughts manifest through design. Anyway…this website is very colourful. The User Research, thanks to some friends, informed the goals or minimum website, with great contrast, no distractions, with a good filter search that landed on the video tutorials. Et voilà!