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Youtube Video Text Summary – Stuart McPherson speaks with Michelle Moloney King, the editor of Beir Bua, about his journey towards becoming a poet.

This is a text summary of a visual/audio interview in a bid to start 2023 as an inclusive to all abilities. The video is below

The two discuss how Stuart has approached the art form with a sense of calm and serenity.

It is always inspiring to witness creative minds at work, and especially so when it involves the art of poetry. The YouTube video of Stuart McPherson’s chat with Beir Bua editor, Michelle Moloney King, is an intriguing look into McPherson’s journey to discover his inner poetry muse and the reference points to his creativity. This essay will explore the artistic inspirations and compositions in McPherson’s work that were discussed, as well as what draws readers to those writings.

Creating a meaningful art form can often be a difficult, winding journey full of peaks and valleys. For one individual, however, that journey led to the art of poetry. Stuart McPherson discusses his journey to finding calm through poetry in an insightful interview with Beir Bua. He started writing online, and would look for feedback but it was slow. After fatherhood his writing took a backseat.

Stuart McFarlane’s journey to poetry is an inspirational story of self-discovery, growth, and an embrace of the power of words. Through his journey, we can see how writing can become an avenue for self-expression and transformation. By delving deeper into his personal story, McFarlane demonstrates how it’s possible to take on a path of self-fulfillment and a new understanding of oneself, and ultimately, to find fulfillment in life through creativity and pursuit of a passion. This Youtube video provides an insightful journey into how and why people use writing as they search for meaning in their lives and strive to fulfill their dreams.

Stuart McFarlane is a poet who has been sharing his work and expressing himself through the medium of writing for over ten years. Reader get the chance to hear why Stuart chose to share his work through poetry and how this journey has shaped his life and ultimately lead him to success, how after fatherhood, mental health issues he started to devote time to poetry and sharing his work online once again. Stuart shares stories from his own life, insights into his writing process and how he has connected with people from all around the world. He shares how reading so much poetry has helped him. As poetry is short, emotional and compact, as a reader he can take away a huge amount form his work.

Poetry has long been a source of emotional expression and comfort for people all around the world. While some people enjoy the process of constructing and interpreting meanings that can be found in the form of a poem, others may be drawn to poems for their ability to captivate their readers. In this Youtube video, we explore the power of words through poetry and the special hold that it has on people, both emotionally and intellectually, the musicality of the spoken word and its form on the page, despite his lack of formal poetry academia his passion and the need to be creative still led him to write, to put words on the page, to find calm…and the output is the work of the poem.

His process to getting published was long and yet lucky, with little poetry journal submissions he managed to secure a print publication deal and now has amassed a large following and more book publications.

From exploring the universality of feelings found in poems to understanding the process of interpreting their meaning, this video offers a dynamic insight into the significance of poetry in our lives.

This video provides insightful stories and advice from two people who are passionate about promoting mental health and using art and literature as a tool for doing so. Stuart McPherson’s journey to becoming a poet is a remarkable one that highlights the healing power of creative expression. Through his words and stories, we can come away inspired and motivated to embrace our own creativity and use it to manage our mental health. McPherson has been able to reach larger audiences and inspire many with his power of creative expression.

By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.