Ensuring visual / audio has a text summary here is Strukturriss editors, Sascha Engel &Jonathan Deasy & Beir Bua editor, Michelle Moloney King talk poetry.

In this text summary, Sascha Engel and Jonathan Deasy, editors at Strukturriss, and Michelle Moloney King, editor at Beir Bua, discuss the importance of community, starting a journal, and publishing. The editors share their thoughts on how these elements can enhance the meaning and impact of the poems they publish.

This Youtube video features three influential editors in the literary world: Sascha Engel and Jonathan Deasy from Strukturriss, and Michelle Moloney King from Beir Bua. They come together to discuss the ways poetry is different from other types of writing and the many ways their teams are dedicated to getting the best poetry out to their readers. From the topics they touch on in the video, it is clear that poetry is a unique art form worthy of celebration.

There is no doubt that poetry has the power to captivate and inspire audiences. Poetry is an art form full of passion, emotion, and expression. Recently, the YouTube video entitled Strukturriss Editors, Sascha Engel & Jonathan Deasy & Beir Bua Editor, Michelle Moloney King Talk Poetry not only showcased the individual talents of these respected editors, but also provided unique perspectives on the role of poetry in modern works of literature.

Both Sascha Engel and Jonathan Deasy are editors of Strukturriss, Engel is editor and a poet and Deasy is editor and jazz maker.

They explored the different ways in which editors discuss and interpret the value of poetry in literature and how language needs to be cleansed not in of itself but from our subconscious and internal bias and how those ideas support the notion of poetry as a timeless and powerful form of expression.

Their journal was designed to be printed in a limited edition, they aimed to pair an artist alongside a poets work. Facebook was good for the journal as they found a Canada poet base and received a lot of submissions from Canada.

Through the course of the conversation, the participants discuss the nature of poetry and the challenges of editing literary magazines. This is a great video to watch for anyone interested in the world of poetry or editing as it provides lessons on both topics as well as insights into the way that successful publications operate.

The editors delve into the various inspirations, elements, and subtleties that make poetry an art form full of artistic licence. With years of experience between them, the trio can share perspectives on how the craft reflects and furthers human understanding – for both the writer, and reader. With thought-provoking insights and observations, the editors impart an educational experience, enabling one to appreciate and analyze the world with a poetic eye. They discuss if people are willing to take a chance on the experimental, to speak a new language that is not a language but words made new. And not for the sake of poetry expression nor for the sake of representational poetry but from a place of rebellion, of a yearning in wanting to find expression in the unknown of the unknown and in the language of the unknown. Anti-Capitalistic language. The language of jazz.

So much of language is about convincing people, sometimes this can be used form a holistic space but other times it is to create a type of servitude.

This video served as an important reminder of the profound influence poetry can have and the remarkable power of language through experimental techniques. There was a discussion of AI (Artificial Intelligence) how the state of human frames of reference can or could possible be repliciable through neural networks…machine learning…that was a huge inspiration for Sascha Engel and how to capture a phrase of reference through human-computer communication.

By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.