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A Text Summary of a Visual/Audio Interview with Nikki Dudley and Michelle Moloney King

Enhancing the User Experience through Design Principles: A Text Summary of an Interview with Nikki Dudley by Michelle Moloney King.

This summary will explore the many fascinating aspects of Nikki Dudley’s Youtube video, in which she discusses experimental poetry, motherhood, workflows, and surviving the lockdown period of 2020. Nikki Dudley is a distinguished Streetcake editor and mother to two young children who, despite her hectic schedule, has created an amazing magazine.

Through her insightful stories and thought-provoking answers, Nikki helps us gain an understanding of how she manages her every day life and is able to remain creative and productive in an ever-changing world. Furthermore, her careful analysis of the lockdown period provides for a fresh new perspective, helping us better understand and appreciate her experiences, along with that of society as a whole.

Nikki Dudley, editor of the experimental poetry magazine Streetcake, talks about how she balances motherhood, work, and her own creative writing during the pandemic. Dudley talks about how these experiences, along with the challenges of running the popular Streetcake, have influenced her creative practice, creative experimentation, and her approach to writing over the past few months.

This video provides a unique insight into Dudley’s world, one of resilience and creativity, and serves as an example of how creativity can bear fruit even in the midst of a crisis. Experimental poetry is an emerging art form that uses unconventional language or new technology to explore fresh possibilities in the craft of poetry. This kind of artwork often rejects traditional poetic devices like rhyme and meter, while simultaneously experimenting with language, sound, electronic media, and even visual elements.

Dudley talks about experimentation, how experimental poets push the boundaries of the traditional form of poetry and allow for new forms and perspectives.

Dudley goes on to talk how experimental poetry is an interesting form of creative expression that allows an individual to explore ideas, feelings, and concepts in a unique and unconstrained manner. While it may not always be as accessible as more traditional forms of poetry, it may challenge or it may allow space for new thoughts. Experimental Poetry is often based on improvisation, meaning that each performance can be unpredictable and full of surprises such as an opportunity to gain insight into the diverse ways of expressing poetic ideas and emotions.

Nikki Dudley’s Youtube video discusses the concept of Experimental Poetry and how it often goes unrecognized and unappreciated. Dudley touches on the idea that traditional forms of poetry are more desired and accepted by the general public. Despite this, she believes that Experimental Poetry should not be overlooked but celebrated for its innovative and avant-garde nature. This talk is a great way to gain insight into the mindset of many in the literary world and to open people’s eyes to the beauty of creative expression found in the unique form of poetry.

The Youtube video featuring Nikki Dudley and Michelle Moloney King exemplified the idea that you can accomplish anything with passion and hard work. As a mother, mentor, workshop facilitator, office worker, editor, and poet, Dudley was able to successfully juggle her multiple roles and responsibilities, even during a pandemic.

This shows that the human spirit is resilient and that by deciding what is important to you and prioritising work, no matter how overwhelming, it is possible to overcome adversity and even a Pandemic through poetry and community. But it goes beyond gender and its roles, this video is not about motherhood or its silent emotional weighted expectations, it’s about moving past surviving and into thriving, not through a financial reward, but by doing THE WORK.

By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.