Who is the Art Riddler?

An Irish Parton to the arts and goes by the name of “Art Riddler” to remain anonymous. Being from South Tipperary we are familiar with local stud farms being very generous to the local communities through supporting teams, donating funds for new building or centres but to see an unknown supporter of the arts is intriguing. Art Riddler even hosted an arts competition resulting in an exhibition. The aim was to help artists promote and sell their work, thirty pieces were exhibited at Studio 10 in Dublin 2 and one winner received EUR10,000. Any sales resulted in the artists receiving 100% for the sale. The exhibition ends on 09th Oct with the winner announced then. I’m intrigued and will be on http://www.artriddler.com website Oct 09th to see who won and maybe, get a glance of the Art Riddler.

The image in the header and on the homepage of the blog as appearing as an extract with title was taken by Independent. I first read about the Art Riddler on Irish