Using my Visual Poetry Portfolio to Get into Crawford College of Art and Design

edit: I’ve since postponed the course and have had work accepted for exhibition, more in another blog post or in the art section of site.

At forty something years of age, I am, at last, an arts student!

Was accepted in Eco Arts with Crawford College of Art and Design.

My portfolio was my visual poetry!

A bit about the course:

Through experiential learning, this course provides an opportunity to explore Eco Arts Practice theory and application within a group setting.  The aim of the course is to provide participants with approaches to Eco Art Practice that could be applied in a range of different contexts, making it attractive to teachers, therapists, youth and community workers or artists looking to broaden the scope of their practice. 

Explore nature and the environment within an art context, from ethical use of materials, to eco literacy through to the natural environment as a classroom, a therapeutic space and a material that can be worked with. Explore current and historical debates on the ethical, psychological and sociological underpinnings of Eco Arts Practice.  Develop novel techniques to explore the interconnection between humans and the natural world Develop and apply advanced practical tools for engaging through the arts with groups in specific fields of practice.