Visual Poetry Concertina ZIne #1

I love, really love publishing books at Beir Bua Press. But I don’t print them, or ship them, I do the layout, editing, and design the covers. So, for my own work – I really wanted to make something with my own hands that involved poetry and visual poetry.

video of #1

Learn more about my process here.

Michelle Moloney King (she/her) is a poet, asemic poet, and publisher of Beir Bua Press. Moloney King is inspired by family life in flux, signifier and signified, plurality of time, and the surreal absurdism of life. 

She is published for poetry/visual poetry in Penteract Press, Steel Incisors, SurVision, Abridged Magazine, M58, 3AM Magazine, Asemics Magazine, Streetcake, Babel, and Storms Journal amongst others. Collections: Another Word For Mother with SurVision Books, 2022, Womxn Heatwave Mama by Beir Bua Press, 2021, and Shapes of Motherhood by ABP, 2020.