How I Found my Voice in Visual Poetry / Asemic Markmaking to the World of Mixed Media Concertina Zines

I start off with watercolours on Fabriano Artistico Traditional White Hot Pressed 56x76cm 300gsm. Maybe some oil sticks and then acrylic grey or white to add a veil…I like working on expensive paper even though I am rarely happy with the work. It’s not representational art or even abstract art – it is writing. Poetry. I don’t try to capture a mood or vibe just ask questions and wonder at the beauty of the natural world and fear for our climate. I am obsessed with trees, interlocking branches, canopies, their fingers of sign language. While others kill weeds I gather them for display or to make something – dandelion tea anyone? Someone once asked me what’s the difference between abstract art and visual poetry and from my own understanding, it is the intention behind the design. The purpose of the thing being made. And it is the research behind the work. I like art but know more than most of art history. But I am interested in language, its use or misuse, Surrealism, how language become to be, semantics and semiotics. And the sound of mark making with charcoal…fabulous.

As these are zines I wanted to play with that genre and so my work become more multimedia. And now, now I LIKE my work, a lot. Feel as if I finally painted/mark made(!) enough works to be happy with mixed media. The digital element is more of a familiar home to me. I was reared and bred on TV so video and visual language were my first. Anyway, to add neon colour digitally, or to add stickers, to use my surreal (postmodern/experimental….) poetry to the visual poems…it adds another layer.

I liked adding that final layer of grey acrylic to my paperwork to hide as I don’t want the work to be preachy or even have a message…I want them to be confusing, annoying, and hard to understand as that triggers the view/reader into going beyond what they know into a field of expansion and new knowing…that wild. And fun.

I really like my work – at last. At last. Now to push it more and incorporate more eco-art tropes…

You can sus out my cool zines here.