South Tipperary Arts Centre and Poetry Night 2021.

Another round-up of 2021/

South Tipperary Arts Centre and Poetry Night 2021.

The South Tipperary Arts Centre is the place for art and what a gallery. Near No Filter cafe, the gallery is a cool, compact gallery in a beautiful old building. Eimear King, Arts Administrator, and Helena Tobin, Artistic Director, were welcoming and interested in experimental poetry and visual poetry and how we could shape a workshop. I really like their vision, even the use of Facebook Live so that the w/s is always accessible and ensures the experimental arts is open to all. Image by STAC.

Eimear King and I chatted and dug into the work of experimental poetics – the power of the replay; I still have people discovering this w/s and subbing their work to the journal. (More Irish experimental poets, please!) This workshop was done via Facebook live and is still up here on their Facebook page. Image created by STAC.

They also host a podcast with the South Tipperary Arts Centre, listen here (this is one I did with Eimear King). A fantastic resource for those wanting to learn more, I am a fan of this podcast and still dip into their earlier podcasts.

Image created by STAC.

By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.