Interview Series – Leia Butler

I’m Leia Butler, head editor of Full House Literary Magazine, and lover of all things that make my eyes dance.

When / why did you start writing poetry? – answers in adjectives
Curious, unsure, unfulfilled, excited, technical, possibilities

How do you write a poem? – answer in five verbs.
Think, procrastinate, pour, consider, restart or rejoice

What is your definition of what experimental poetry is?
(p) your (o) what (e) is of (t) experimental (r) what is (y) definition



Have you done many interviews before? Do you find them repetitive? Repetitive? Repetitive?
Many as an interviewer, hardly any as an interviewee! I’m very open to doing more though! I find them fascinating to listen to.

What’s a favorite snack you like when poet-ing?
Many cups of tea, tic tacs, brownie m&ms and random words

What are you kinda obsessed by?
Checking my emails, worrying about things that haven’t yet happened or might never happen, FH, what I’m having for dinner, the future.

Do you tell your social circle about your poet-ing?
I couldn’t hide it, it is too much a part of who I am!

How do you rebel?
The only time I can rebel is through my writing. I’m too much of a people-pleaser otherwise!

Tell me a literary / science fact or joke, please.
The Babel Tower Notice Board is a fucking awesome site- fact.

What’s your fav colour, poet, snack. (this is your pen name!)
Blue, Dudley, donut.

Leia Butler is the founder and head editor of Full House Literary Magazine. Her debut collection, Tear and Share, releases with Broken Sleep Books in August 2021, and encourages an interactive tear-out aspect. She is a previous winner of a Streetcake experimental writing prize. Her other work can be found in Babel Tower Notice Board, Re-side, and Streetcake. You can find more of her work at her site: