Womxn Heatwave Mama

My newest collection with all money going toward the running costs of Beir Bua Press. Available to buy now.

Introduction to Womxn Heatwave Mama

For me, it’s about holding the concrete and abstract in the one sentence, juxtaposition, flipping the tables in a hospital after getting bad news but ( in reality – being too mannerly to react (don’t want to be upsetting people)) using words on a silent page to be the bulldog life never let you become. Triggering you to react, confusing you, leaving breadcrumbs for a happy conclusion only to be left –  annoying the mind to expand.

Laurence Sterne, a Clonmel man, Anglo-Irish,  in the 1700s was well read and used his bookish smarts to create (recreate) something new – the avant-garde, 200 years before it became a thing. He played with the form of expectation of what a book was just as bookish technology was in its toddlerhood. He included black pages to mourn the death of a character. Nothing happened that was relevant to the title, no happy conclusions were made, dashes, asterisks, and grammar was reinvented…..


Words of Praise

"Moloney King's work is a compendium of visuality, absurdity and playfulness, interwoven with domestic life and places we recognise."
- Nikki Dudley; editor of Streetcake Magazine, founder of Mum Write, poet and published author.

"Each text in Womxn Heatwave Mama is a turn in a field, a clearing, setting the cornerstones to a monument to avant-garde writing and new poetic forms. No pile of dead stones, though, this monument is lush with the look and feel of new growth and solar-powered alphabets."
- Gregory Betts; a Canadian poet, editor and professor at Brock University in Canadian and avant-garde literature.

"In an urban landscape playfully populated by myriad creatures from the animal kingdom,  these surrealist poems evoke new motherhood in all its chaos and flux. A delight."- Afric McGlinchey; poet, reviewer, book editor and creative writing facilitator, reviewer, book editor and creative writing facilitator. 
"An experimental stream of consciousness that twists and turns to reveal the colours and shapes of language's abstract and objective qualities."- Richard Biddle; a visual artist and experimental poet. 

"Womxn Heatwave Mama is such a vibrant mélange, a refreshingly wanton immersion in language and experimental poetic forms."- Christodoulos Makris; “one of Ireland's leading contemporary explorers of experimental poetics” (The RTÉ Poetry Programme).
"The polyphonic poems in this beautiful chapbook hum, chatter, whisper and sing with life, every experiment a generous gift to the reader."
- James Knight;  experimental poet and digital artist