interview series

Interview Series with Poet Patricia Bender

Ever-extending family member, writer, friend, teacher, learner, artist.

When / why did you start writing poetry? – answers in adjectives

Speechless, speech-full, curious, angry, joyful, wanting.

How do you write a poem? – answer in five verbs.

Draw, walk, dream, remember, forget.

What is your definition of what experimental poetry is?

Cannot be held inside what is.

Have you done many interviews before? Do you find them repetitive? Repetitive? Repetitive?

Yes, yes. No, but can be, so yes and no.

What’s a favorite snack you like when poet-ing?

Milky tea.

What are you kinda obsessed by?

Rivers, reading, art.

Do you tell your social circle about your poet-ing?


How do you rebel?

Writing.  Staying silent, then not.  Reportage, my own.  Also, daytime naps.

Tell me a literary / science fact or joke, please.

Rivers flow in all directions.

What’s your fav colour, poet, snack. (this is your pen name!)

Blue Harjo Tea. 

Bio: Patricia Bender’s poetry and short fiction have appeared in a variety of publications including Good Foot, LIPS, the Paterson Literary Review, Peregrine, Southword, and THE GREAT FALLS ANTHOLOGY.  A National Writing Project Fellow, she continues to serve on the Editorial Board of the New Jersey Teachers of English Journal. She is grateful for her writing practice founded in her Paterson childhood where languages, including the language of welcoming immigrants, were both spoken and honored.


By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.