interview series

Interview Series with Poet Peach Delphine

When / why did you start writing poetry? – answers in adjectives 

Youthful despairing, half-numb cutting 

How do you write a poem? – answer in five verbs.

Sift, sort, arrange, condense, rearrange

What is your definition of what experimental poetry is? 

Breaking language, breaking boundaries

Have you done many interviews before? Do you find them repetitive? Repetitive? Repetitive? 

Only three, each different

What’s a favorite snack you like when poet-ing?

In cold weather, boiled peanuts, otherwise plantain chips or mango.

What are you kinda obsessed by?

Mangroves, salt creeks, blackwater rivers

Do you tell your social circle about your poet-ing?

I have no social circle, reclusive

How do you rebel?


Tell me a literary / science fact or joke, please.

Cownose Rays migrate to Tampa Bay from June through July. Thousands will swim together in aggregates called “fevers”.

What’s your fav colour, poet, snack. (this is your pen name!)

Pink Brigit Pegeen Kelly Devilled Crab

Peach Delphine is a queer poet from Tampa, Florida. Former cook infatuated with what remains of the undeveloped Gulf coast and blackwater rivers. Can be found on Twitter @PeachDelphinePoetry in Blackbough

By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.