interview series

Interview Series – Michelle Moloney King

When / why did you start writing poetry? – answers in adjectives

over-arching imagination, delish marble words, twittering community.

How do you write a poem? – answer in five verbs.

Hiding, whispering, praying, time-traveling, laughing.

What is your definition of what experimental poetry is?


Have you done many interviews before? Do you find them repetitive? Repetitive? Repetitive?

a few and sometimes, i’m not sure i want to know everything about interviews…where’s the mystery gone. john ashbery gave so little away – what a cool guy, we rarely write because of what we have achieved, studied, attended but because of who we are at our core that is scraping to be set free. and anway, if someone seems interesting – i google them to learn more.

What’s a favorite snack you like when poet-ing?

tea, is tea a snack?

What are you kinda obsessed by?

quantum physics, time travel, metaphysics, reality tv, breathing, Jesus Christ and His Crucifixion – was it to end karma?

Do you tell your social circle about your poet-ing?

nope, it doesn’t come up. i like normal chats – lots of inspo in Hiberno-English, and some people either know too little (and i don’t want to teach them during my lunch or family day out) or people know too much and talk (but rarely write….) Poet-ing is a verb.

How do you rebel?

by questioning, using my alexa app to turn down loud speakers in other rooms….lols

Tell me a literary / science fact or joke, please.

Laurence Sterne was avant-garde 200 years before it was a thing, he is IRISH and was born in a town local to me.

What’s your fav colour, poet, snack. (this is your pen name!)

Yellow Ashbery Tea

By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.