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Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry

Celebrating women making visual poetry

Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry, a 250-page, full-colour book featuring visual poetry from 36 women in 21 countries, a foreword by Johanna Drucker, and essays on digital visual poetry and the future of visual poetry by Fiona Becket, on women in asemic writing by Natalie Ferris, and on feminist practice with Letraset, the ephemeral and fragility by Kate Siklosi. The book will also feature an excerpt from a roundtable interview of 13 women artists who work with language and craft. Finally, we will include a list of more than 1100 women currently making visual poetry. The anthology is edited by Amanda Earl.

I don’t have work in this one but was extremely lucky to have gotten an honorable mention in the Women Making Vispo list. Considering I only started with vispo in late 2020 ( it was lockdown in Ireland and was lucky that my toddler liked art so…I created visual poems while he painted. And many thanks to SJ Fowler and his course – I learned a lot.

Well done to Amanda Earl, this is a truly beautiful book, high quality, beautiful layout… the publisher, editor, and all the contributors. You can buy it from Timglaset

By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.