My Début Poetry Pamphlet to be Published – Shapes of Motherhood by Alien Buddha Press

Ops, forgot to share the good news here! My début is to be published by Alien Buddha Press and soon.

It’s a work that I’m very happy with – made up of concrete poetry, asemic poetry, visual poetry, and written word poetry. Most of the poetry is conceptual but I did include a very personal and almost lyrical / spoken work poem.

Many thanks to Allien Buhhda Press and their cool punk vibes. I do like saying things like – oh I can’t have tea now…I’ve gotta sort something for my publisher!

I must say that all the experience from editing (both reading, the technical side and the typesetting) has really helped me work with this independent press.

Also, as an editor myself, I know what I want and know how to work to make it happen. Earlier there was an issue with three of my concrete poems (printing software gets funny with images with words – so it was technical)

I was ruthless and cut them.


And in their place I added one of my “normal” almost lyrical / deffo contemporary and kinda spoken word poems that is three pages long and has some blackout.

It was a truly liberating experience to work with this press and I’m excited to share this début with the world!

Published by Michelle Moloney King

Bookish and paintish! Mother, wife, teacher, and follower of flow.

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