What is Visual Poetry – How to Make Visual / Asemic Poetry

What is visual poetry…what are you? What is anything….it’s what we declare it to be but in order to declare a thing a Thing we either (a) be naïve* or (b) research the history of the thing to Thingdom.

Postmodern, asemic, visual all comes from the avant-garde movement (and yet it doesn’t, it’s be around in some shape manner or form from as a early as cave drawings.) It’s about questioning the Grand Narratives, digging through the mucky and biased language to create a new one.

I use heavy wax pigments and their lids…no brushes ( I like to think of it as a constraint based poetry) to create my earlier asemic work. I use the lid to scratch a new language into the thick pigments. A waving, circled and overlapping of deep etches into the fat pigment.

I can see myself moving to concreate poetry (a visual form of poetry using letters of letter shapes…almost architecture on a page looking like a blueprint, a statute… 1-D on a page become 5-D though the reader making something of it)

Collage…that’ll fun to play with…images from mags, art books, words torn from newspapers too.

*Naïve – in art history naïve art was created by those with no or little knowledge of art history and so had no reference and painted with “nods” to what went before them. Ironically, avant-garde is naïve and that’s the main reason so many of the editors I’ve chatted to on the YouTube are so open to all levels….all are welcome to the avant-garde as it can be low entry and once you get the bug and read, research, and understand the form that went before can you truly create with even more intentionally design of destruction of contemporty form to art.

If you want to see my earlier work – here I’ll update it with newer work as it become published in journals and pamphlets.