“My Writing Journey” With Writing.ie From Book Blogger to Pushcart

Over on writing.ie I share my some of my journey from being a kid lit book blogger to having a Pushcart Prize Nomination in poetry, being a published postmodern poet, a published asemic poet, an experimental creative non-fiction writer, and an editor of a successful new Irish avant-garde literary journal.

I shared about writing to overcome grief from neonatal loss, I didn’t want to mention the loss was neonatal as it still feels so raw but I trying to share more, in a contained way as I honestly feel that’s it’s so important to talk about neonatal loss to raise awareness.

Writing.ie have a huge platform and was it’s always thrilling to be published on their site.

You can read some of my previous interviews and book launch pieces if you search my name on the site, if your interested, the piece I wrote about Paul Harding was brilliant with his advice.