THE HATS HAVE ATTACHED THE APPLICATION FORM, MADAME written by: Michelle Moloney King published on Spillwords Press

Dumping protests only helps
nature, leave it do what it does best.
As it’s your observations that look
spare and spacey, it’s meant to.
Nature doing what nature does not
do best, like when the dragon
people took the plants for a spin to

Lift it and walk towards the window,
pain can be meaningful if you stare
at it enough, maybe name it next
time it springs up. Pass it up to me.

He brings blinded city people into
my cafe for rural head to-heads,
with their forgotten foods and
I want to play in the yellow

Coughing used to be her way of
talking / joining in. Did you talk to
anyone nice today? Yup, I
coughed. Oh no, that’s not you

First published in Spillwords Press