“THROUGH ARTISTS’ EYES …2020 SÚIL EILE” is a project created by 50 visual artists by curated by artist Dr. Joyce Garvey which came about as a result of her call out on Visual Artists Ireland bulletin for a list of Irish women artists or women artists working in Ireland during the pandemic year of 2020. Dr Joyce Garvey is a Scottish born artist and writer and filmmaker living in Dublin

As a member of Visual Artists Ireland I was intrigued by the call out from the artist and sent in my video.

Fifty women of Ireland, artists, responded to a post, listed in the Visual Artists of Ireland bulletin to send a ‘selfie’ of their eyes .

This is a visual list of women artists, who have been pushing the boundaries of their art during the pandemic year of 2020.

Depicted symbolically by their eyes, opening up to a life behind masks and ‘Súil Eile’: seeing the world in a different way.

The film has gone out to the archives of:
The National Library of IrelandThe National Museum of IrelandThe Irish Film CentreThe National Visual Arts Library.

The film is to premiére it as a free online event on Eventbrite and YouTube on 31st December 2020.

The links arehttps://www.eventbrite.ie/e/through-artists-eyes-2020-suil-eile-tickets-134317265557

YouTube live event