Thank you for Signing The Petition for a Safer Golden Village, Co. Tipperary.

Thank you for signing this petition. Myself and my little family were in a collision in my local village due to cars parked on the tiny main road and the speed of traffic through the village. We are OK but still shook, I’m worried for the village residents, the elderly who need safe access to their post office, the village school children, church goers, G.A.A. goers, cafe users and the shop and butcher customers – we need safer parking, we need a traffic calming system and safe access to drive from the New Inn side. And your signature would really help.

We need your help, can you please sign this petition so that our local county council can paint road markings and install a traffic management system.

We already have a local Cllr onboard helping but we need people power behind us to emphasise to the Tipperary County Council that we need help and urgently.

Thank you for signing this petition and for sharing it.