My Pushcart Nomination – luck or flow

Im thrilled to have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize in poetry!!

I’ve been writing since finishing my teaching post grad, messing with various genres, writing about writing, interviewing authors but never struck that gold. If you look back you’ll notice I loved abstract; my author interviews were gas and out there.

I’m not very surprised that I found my voice in postmodern poems. Or avant-garde or L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E or neomodern or experimental…whater you want to call it. They’re based on string theory, love of language usage, subversion, parallelism, and triggering healing.

Yeah…healing. Reading a sentence that subverts its trigger results in scientific brain activity thus healing. And after my small family’s loss…this was so needed.

It is difficult to get published as not many “get” experimental poetry. But Dream Journal “got” Italian published my most playful and visual postmodern poem and nominated it for a Pushcart.

Thrilled, happy and in flow.

Here it is as image and how it was nominated.

And here it is as normal text.

Rest of The Cars, Darling

No biodiversity. Huge ▼olumes of water

needed for irrigation, is there a cheat sheet yet?

Stops in tracks. Shocked Recovers fastØ

Main course is


the registration



Gore isn’t really their thing

meanwhile they

overcome obstacles.

S/he won’t have a

word against the public, standing around & talking &

everyone’s thesaurus helps

out muchØ

displeasure? Alas

Enough for you to

say no

remember – ‘business goose‘ cannot permanently

replace the previous ▼ersions.

≈ Crêpe ≈ packaging ≈ paper ≈

lying on floor with discarded canvas, a wooden gateØ

Misplaced, no

neglected coffee.

Talk about luck, it changes your name.

U jst lrnd 2 mke a prfit.

Savage . . . / .\

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