The Artistic Differences Project

Loved this project as soon as I came across it on twitter – a journal where art and words collide. My avant-garde poetry is based on many principles of painting so was delighted my poem was included.

Every fortnight artists and writer respond to a theme.

I wrote the below in response to Saints and Sinners.

(formatting in WordPress is tricky and I’m on my phone, even less ideal, so hope this works…)

Painted up Front Doors

You can’t fuck around with mushrooms – chopping onions. 

Crying. They lead into a quick waltz round room.

To take umbrage,” to feel slighted in barely one generation.

All move to positions. He thinks the answer will come from

the forests themselves, mimes apologetic face. It’s an

astonishing sight in this location, as they are generally

associated with religious buildings. AFAIK -To take

offense for “shade,” It was recorded this summer as

part of the Saints and Sinners project, the stones were

for explanation of Sile na Gig, and the scene goes on.

Here’s image of poem also:

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