UK National Poetry Day 2020

Use the hashtag on twitter #NationalPoetryDay for lots of great resources and celebrations as the UK celebrates poetry on this day.

It seems to be aimed mainly at kids’ poetry, which I love as who doesn’t love a good rhythm and rhyme and metre with a beautiful foot. And as a primary teacher it is ideal.

I took the workshops called The Poetry Possibility Series aimed at teachers. And just WOW! As a writer is fueled me with different insight and poetry exercise and as a teacher it’s given me so many ideas for incorporating poetry in school. Many thanks to the Forward Arts Foundation UK for sponsoring these workshops.

It was with talented Kate Clanchy, with the cool Raymond Antrobus, I missed this one but am watching his videos as his workshop was on performance Peter kahn and 6 young poets.

I loved how Kate anchored poetry with the sense ( I’m more of an experimental writer myself and trying to find my way through that with John Ashbusy as my love. Must post about a great mentoring I did with Arthur Broomfield).

I bought Kate’s book – How to Grow a Poem and eagerly await the postman. (Please support Local and independent bookshops!)

PS National Poetry Day in Ireland was April 30th 2020, they are on Twitter as PoetryDay_IRL

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