Poetry 101 – for Newbies and The Classroom

I actually compiled this nearly ten years ago when I was helping out a poetry festival encouraging  school entries. It was intended as a school resource but can be used for new poets, homeschoolers, teachers.

Poetry 101 – Subvert the Norm

Poetry 101 – Alliteration 2

Poetry 101 – Free Verse / Surrealism Poetry

Poetry 101 – Alliteration 1

Poetry 101 – How to Haiku

Poetry 101 – How to Write a Ballad

Poetry 101 – How to Write a Cinquain

Poetry 101 – Diamante Poems

Poetry 101 – Editing your Poem

Poetry 101 – Personification and Poetry

Poetry 101 – Acrostic Poems

Poetry 101 – How to Write a Limerick

Poetry 101 – Where to Get Ideas for Poetry

Poetry 101 – Rhyming and The Five Ws of Creative Writing

Poetry Basics for Newbies and The Classroom

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