Poetry 101 – Subvert the Norm

A series of posts about poetry 101

Play with cliches, they dull meaning but readers are familiar with them so twist them…as blind as a bat. As hungry as a pig. As tired as a cat. On the horns of a miracle.
Sentimentality is “dominated by a blunt appeal to the emotions of pity and love.”  (Minot 416)

poetry should stimulate six senses:






kinesiology (motion)


“Sunlight varnishes magnolia branches crimson” (sight)

“Vacuum cleaner’s whir and hum startles my ferret” (hearing)

“Penguins lumber to their nests” (kinesiology)

Metaphor – the singer is the moon
Simile – the singer is like the moon

Use concrete words. Orange. Salt. Lemon. Warm.
Don’t use abstract. Happy. Love. Peace.

Show a strategy words using simile and concrete words.

NO “She felt happy.”
YES“Her smile spread like red tint on ripening tomatoes.”

YES. Theme = Idea + Opinion
NO. Theme – irish rebellion

Subvert the Ordinary

Published by Michelle Moloney King

Bookish and paintish! Mother, wife, teacher, and follower of flow.

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