Poetry 101 – How to Write a Limerick

A series of posts about poetry 101

How to Write a Limerick

Limericks are short, funny and rhyming poems.

The last words of lines one, two and five must rhyme.
Each of these lines must only have eight syllables.

And the last words of lines three and four must rhyme.
Each of these lines must only have five syllables.

1. There once was a teacher from Cork        (This line has 8 syllables. I, 2 and 5 rhyme.)
2. who was mad about the band Bjork         (This line has 8 syllables  I, 2 and 5 rhyme.)
3. so crazy was she                                      (This line has 5 syllables. 3 and 4 rhyme)
4. That she made CD                                   (This line has 5 syllables.  3 and 4 rhyme)
5. And gave it to Bjork, like a dork.             (This line has 8 syllables  I, 2 and 5 rhyme.)

These are so much fun to write in the classroom and very handy if you are a substitute teacher or need a rainy day  30 minute class.

Also, handy for us adult learners returning to creativity after lockdown. Limerick city usually has an annual Limerick writing competition so do keep an eye out for it.


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