Poetry 101 – Free Verse / Surrealism Poetry

A series of posts about poetry 101

Free Verse Poem

A Free Verse Poem is a poem that does not follow a set of rules and has no  particular beat or rhyme. This is a modern way of writing poetry.

A free verse poem can have any number of verses. But try to remember that ‘if,’ ‘and,’ or ‘but,’ do not need to be included.


I remembered it very much,


celebrate the freedom of old age!

Capture birds for their song, just at the end

wake to the green and born browning.

It is always there.

And the melancholy never stays too long.

by Michelle Moloney King

I adore surrealism and so free verse suits me righto, the mundane is the inspiration. Anchor your wildness in the normal and you can take flight. If ya know, ya know.




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