Poetry 101 – Diamante Poems

A series of posts about poetry 101

Diamante is similar to the Cinquain, except the poem must form the shape of a diamond.

Sharp, bold
Refreshing, roasting, soothing
roasted-beans, luxurious, leaves, bags
Comforting, caring, gathering
Addictive, dark
by Michelle Moloney King

Line must be a noun or a subject and be only one word.

For line two we use two words that are adjectives
describing the first line.

We use three words ending in -ing which describe the first line.

Line four must have  four nouns. But, the first two nouns must describe line one and the last two nouns must describe line 7.

So, this poem start off being about one noun and then ends with another noun.

Line 5 we use three words  describing line 7.

In line six we use two adjectives describing line 7.

And, at last, in line seven we use a  synonym for the subject that you were talking about.

I am always surprised how quickly kids can pick this up and create some amazing poems. Go for it! If my classroom can do it so can you!

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