King’s CROWNing Authors with Swapna Haddow

It’s time for the next King’s CROWNing Authors  (Cajoling Random Observations Now) interview. Please welcome, Swapna Haddow.

we are waiting
we are waiting











  1. Do you have a writing sidekick that makes tea for you as you write?
    No, but now that you mention it I might well place an ad in the local gazette:


Must be able to:

Make tea

Change hamster bedding

Pair socks

(Payment in biscuits)


  1. What was the last book that made you cry as if you’d chopped an onion?
    Five Children on the Western Front by Kate Saunders. Even now, if I think too hard about it, I feel emotional.


  1. Iced tea or English breakfast tea?
    English breakfast every time


  1. Does a tear heal better than a paper cut?
    Paper cuts are a b*tch, especially on the foldy bits of your body like knuckles

  1. If I say – Dr. Bear went to the mess, then you’d say –


  1. Have you ever met a book snob?
    Lots. I feel bad for them. They restrict themselves from enjoying great stories with their snobbery.


  1. Describe your ideal writing lair?
    Ooooo… Definitely somewhere with a view of the ocean… A beach hut possibly… With a cosy armchair… And definitely lots of books… And a dog…. And a tea-making sidekick…. And a horse…. No, wait a unicorn… Definitely a unicorn….


  1. What question would you most liked to be asked?
    Would you like a cup of tea?


  1. When was the last time you made a daisy chain?
    Last summer. (Does it count if it was mainly dandelions?)


  1. Please ask me a question.
    If you were a pigeon would you rather a custard cream or chocolate bourbon?

Oh I’d want chocolate bourbon every time.


About Swapna Haddow

Last year Swapna’s manuscript PRINCESS SAUSAGE ROLL was shortlisted and highly commended for the KBR Unpublished Picture Book Manuscript Award.  Her early reader manuscript DAVE PIGEON’S NOTES ON HOW TO DEFEAT MEAN CAT won the Greenhouse Funny Prize.  She is now represented by Polly Nolan at Greenhouse Literary Agency.  DAVE PIGEON will be published with Faber Children’s (Spring 2016).




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