King’s CROWNing Authors with Emma Carroll

It’s time for the next King’s CROWNing Authors (Cajoling Random Observations Now) interview. Please welcome, Emma Carroll.

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we are waiting








1. Have you ever walked on a tightrope?

Yes, as Louie Reynolds in ‘The Girl Who Walked In Air’.

2. Define historical fiction in three words.
 My life blood.

3. If I say – what do you mean crispy books? then you’d say –
 When a book gets wet so you dry it out on a hot radiator- that.
4. When was the last time you won a coin toss?

5. Do you climb trees often?

 No. I’m 44. But in ‘In Darkling Wood’ my characters, Alice and Flo, do.

6. Is there an airbag for sad books?

 If there is then it’s got a puncture.

7. If there are 7 children in a car and Ann is related to only one of them then how many of them are Harry Potter fans?

 I can’t do maths. You lost me at the mention of 7.
8. Writing with or without tea?
 There is no such thing as writing without tea.
9. What’s the nicest way to tell a non reader to read?
 I’m sorry for your loss.

10. Please ask me a question.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Witches Fingers. I use to eat them all the time when I was a kid and I did not like them not cause they tasted bad but because of how they looked. All wrinkly and brown and gross. Oh, wait no! It’s not what you think. I use to call sausages that were heated in the oven as Witched Fingers. You weren’t think something different were you…

About Emma Carroll

When I’m not writing books, I work part-time as an English teacher at a secondary school in Devon. It means I’m never far from books or words or writing, which is perfect!photo-on-05-04-2014-at-16-14-2 (1)

As a child, I wrote stories about ponies and pop stars, though not together. Nowadays it’s called fan-fiction; back then it was just weird.

After school, I worked as a reporter on a local newspaper. From there I went to university to study English Literature. After backpacking around the Middle East, South America, Australia, I did a PGCE in English and became a teacher.

Many years later, I bought myself a lovely big notebook and some new pens. I enrolled on the MA Writing For Young People at Bath Spa University, and got writing again. ‘Frost Hollow Hall’ was started on the MA course. It is my first novel, and took two years and many cups of tea to write.
I live in the Somerset hills with my husband and two Jack Russell terriers.


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