King’s CROWNing Authors with Lu Hersey

It’s time for the next King’s CROWNing Authors (Cajoling Random Observations Now) interview. Please welcome, Lu Hersey.


we are waiting
we are waiting









1. Bald eagle or barn owl?

Barn owl. Always. Silent ghosts of the night.
2. So what’s the secret sauce to writing?

Wasabi. Looks innocuous, but packs a punch.

3. If I say – but everyone knows that a book read in public leads to private tears, then you’d say –

Snivel in public. Be unashamed. If it makes you cry, the book is worth it. They’ll probably all cry with you.

4. What sport best prepares one for the publishing biz?

Mountain climbing. Just concentrate on where you are and look for the next handhold. You may have to go down a crevasse sometimes to reach a better ascent on the other side, but hopefully you’ll get to the top eventually!


5. Public transport or an exes jumbo jet?

Trains are good…first class ticket please! But basically anything without the ex involved has to be better…


6. Just how distracting is Twitter to a writer?

Completely distracting. It proves Einstein’s theory of relativity. Er, probably.


7. Do you shake hands or no nod heads or do ye have some secret handshake when you meet another kids lit writer?

Hug, usually. But love the idea of a secret handshake. Might have to put that out there…


8. Best way to start the day?

With a mug of tea. Wouldn’t even notice if Brad Pitt was in the bed until I’d drunk it, to be honest. Okay, that could be a lie, but it’s unlikely I’ll ever find out. Sadly!
9. I wrote the next question using the suggestions from my predictive text, please try to make a sentence from them.

The best of all time low of a good day for a long time to be  yourself aye I’m going to be. Time for yourself, the best time of all – a good long day. Aye, I’m going to be a owl. (only cheated a teensy bit there!)
10. Please ask me a question.

Do you think parallel universes exist?

Why of course, any time I hesitate on making a decision one version of me splits off and does each of the decisions I was mulling over. Did you ever hear anyone say – she’s all over the place? well, tis parallel universes they are referring to.


Thank you.

About Lu Hersey


Writer. Star gazer. Constantly amazed. Mslexia comp winning debut YA novel DEEP WATER out 1st July 2015, published by Usborne. Repped by Ben Illis

Taken from her Twitter bio:

I write stuff – mostly myth based YA fiction in a kitchen sink paranormal style. I also faff about too much on twitter as @LuWrites. My debut novel DEEP WATER comes out summer 2015 published by Usborne, and my agent is lovely @bookboyben at The BIA.




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