King’s Authors with Brenna Yovanoff

It’s Monday and we have our scheduled King’s Authors (Cajoling Random Observations Now) interview. Please welcome, New York Times Best Selling YA author, Brenna Yovanoff.


Brenna , we are waiting for your wonderfully answers.


1. If you could invent a new Halloween costume what would it be?

The Mandrake Monster from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth! (Eyes on the palms of my hands, yes!)
2. Name your favourite material, two verbs you did today, the last thing you bought, and the title of your favourite book. Now put them into a sentence asking for help.
Michelle, can you help me wrap these frozen peas in cotton so that I may continue answering all my emails with lines from American Gods?
3. Fave computer game and why?  

American McGee’s Alice. Because there is nothing better than hack-slashing through Wonderland with a carving knife while trading barbs with my snarky friend, the Cheshire Cat.
4. Black is the presence of all colours, so its chakra energy is good. Why then do bad guys wear black in movies?

Why do bad guys in movies spend so much time monologuing about their goals and endeavors? There are many things about villains that we may never know …
5. Legit, the farmyard of my childhood was haunted by a banshee, how would you get her to leave?

I’m not sure yet that I would—I’d have to see. I’m thinking I’d just settle in and invest in some earplugs.
6. Have you ever been to Ireland?
Brenna Yovanoff
Nope, but it’s very high up on my wishlist of destinations!
7. What is the next line in the song, ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary…..’

I do not know. However, I am the actual owner of an actual giant plush soft-toy animal called a Rary, because there was this short story my dad read when I was little that was basically just one long set-up to a bad pun. The people in the future had to arduously carry this huge, immobile animal up to the top of a very tall building and fling it off the edge, and then at the end, one of them said, “It’s a long, long way to tip a rary.” Ha. Ha. Ha.

8. If I say manual drive you say_______

9. Do you know what Taytos are?
Oh, I do, I do, because one day I was reading about Pringles, which is a potato snack here in the US that comes in a cardboard canister, and then I started reading about all kinds of potatoes snacks from all over the world! So, I do know. But only by accident.
10. Have you ever watched Fr. Ted?
I … have not. And then I had to look up on the internet what it is. But it sounds exactly like something I would like!


Thank you, Brenna.


About Brenna Yovanoff

Brenna Yovanoff holds an MFA in Fiction from Colorado State University. She writes short fiction with Maggie Stiefvater and Tessa Gratton, who together comprise the Merry Sisters of Fate.She lives with her husband in Denver, Colorado.

Yovanoff was home schooled until high school and it was then she started to write about her high school experience and the people and their relationships. You must read her blog as she actually has shared a lot of these entries there and they make for fantastic reading.

And, best of all, her critique partners are Maggie Stiefvater and Tessa Gratton and together they are The Merry Sisters of Fate.

She is represented by The Greenhouse Literary Agency 


Her young adult fantasy novels The Replacement, The Space Between, Paper Valentine and Fiendish are available from Razorbill/Penguin Group. And they are COMPULSORY reading.








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