King’s Authors with Jenny Moyer

It’s Monday and we have our scheduled King’s Authors (Cajoling Random Observations Now) interview. Please welcome, Jenny Moyer .


Jenny, we are waiting for your wonderfully answers.

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we are waiting
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1. Would you rather fresh flowers in a vase or a plant on your writing desk?

Ooh, fresh flowers! If it were a plant, it would die of neglect and then I’d have plant-guilt. Between writing, revisions, three kids and a dog—I don’t have enough energy to worry about things like photosynthesis.


2. Have you ever written fan fiction?

No, too busy writing my own series. But I fangirl over books all the time.


3. Explain String Theory in one sentence.Jenny Moyer

Don’t pull it or the whole thing unravels.


4. Have you ever eaten fried ice cream?

I’m originally from Arizona where we had it so much—even learned to make it at home. It’s all about the ratio of corn flakes to honey.


5. Hard backs or PBBs?

Hard backs! I’m usually too impatient to wait for the books I want to release in PB. Also, I love having shelves full of books—seeing those stories that have inspired me or moved me—and hardcovers just look so . . . ah. 


6. Would you rather be accidentally locked into a book store or an Apple store?

Book store, yes please!


7. I’ve heard that eating cheese before bed time gives you nightmares, do you think this is true?

There is never a bad time for cheese. One time I was on deadline and my kids brought me mac and cheese in bed while I was writing. (I don’t usually write in bed, but it was the only quiet place at the time!)


8. A guest is snoring in my house, should I tell her to be quite or tell her to sleep in a room that’s at the other end of the house?

Kindly ask her to move far, far away.


9. When is being tactful too docile?

When a guest is snoring loudly.


10. If you could be an object what would it be and why?

A library, so I could give people books.



Thank you, Jenny.


About Jenny Moyer

Jenny studied writing at Seattle Pacific University, and has written and voiced national commercial spots. She co-owns Luminary Creative with her filmmaker husband, Jacob. They have lived all over the U.S., and currently call Des Moines home.

She keeps busy with her three boys—who are steadily growing taller than her–and her three pound dog (who stays small, and mostly just sits on her legs while she types.)

One of Jenny’s dreams came true the day Sarah Davies invited her to join her list of talented authors at Greenhouse Literary. Now when she sips lattes at coffee shops and daydreams, she can call it ‘work.’

Writing young adult fiction is her passion, and she can’t wait to share Orion and Dram and flash bats with the world through her debut novel, ASHES FOR STARS, (Holt, 2016).











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