King’s Authors with Sally Nicholls

It’s Monday and we have our latest King’s Authors (Cajoling Random Observations Now) interview with, British YA author, Sally Nicholls.


Come into our lair, Sally. Pull a chair. No ,not that one. You have the questions, we are now waiting for your response.

We are waiting... image source
We are waiting…
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1. You were born during a thunder-storm, do thunderstorms bring back bad memories? Explain in one sentence.

No, I love thunderstorms – all that wild power.


2. I say sausages. You say –



4. He says shut up. You say –

Nice try, mister.


5. List 5 emotions you feel when you hear the ice cream van?

Nostalgic, happy, mildly annoyed, tense, interested. (This, as you can maybe tell, depends on whether I’m being distracted from something interesting, and how much I want an ice-cream.)


6. Air travel or boat travel?



7. I already knew your answer (boat travel), how does that make you feel?

A bit weary.

(When I met you at a CBI event you said boat travel is better for environment and your writing as you get lots of time to write.)


8. If you could have been an astronaut which one would you have been?

Me. In space.


9. Dogs or cats. Explain, please.

Cats – they’re better at respecting your personal space, and don’t need taking for walks. And are very comforting.


10. It is now 09:00 hours. If Harry wants to be in Dublin by fifteen hundred hours for a meeting at 13 o clock  and only has 5 pennies, how will he attend the meeting?


The End


About Sally Nicholls

Sally Nicholls was born after midnight, after a thunder-storm. Her literary agent is Jodie Hodges, from United Agents. Her debut, Ways to Live Forever, was written while she was studying for a masters in Writing for Young People as Bath Spa. She is nominated for a Carnegie Medal 2015.

I met her once at a CBI Conference in Dublin, she is warm, witty, quick to articulate, and a joy to behold. You know how she came over from the UK to the Dublin event? By boat as she does not want to contribute to the greenhouse effect by flying. Right on!



You must look at this slide show for newly published authors, made by Sally.  Her website is great, her tweets are cool, also add her books on Goodreads.


Sally’s Books

Ways to Live Forever (2008)

Season of Secrets (2009)

All Fall Down (2012)

A Lily, A Rose (2013)

Close Your Pretty Eyes (2013)

Shadow Girl (2014)

Your crown, oh worthy one.

ya author sally nicholls interview

Next up we will be having, in no particular order: Leigh Bardugo, Kieran Fanning, Eoin Colfer, Katy Moran, Louise O’Neil, and many more.


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