King’s Authors with Leigh Bardugo

It’s Monday and we have our latest King’s Authors (Cajoling Random Observations Now) interview with, NY TImes Best Selling YA high fantasy author, Leigh Bardugo.

Drum roll for Leigh Bardugo!  You have the questions, we are now waiting for your response.

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we are waiting
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Would you rather dance in the rain or watch a storm?

Summon a storm and watch it lay waste to my enemies.

Ravens of seagulls?

Crows. They’re ravens who don’t put on airs.

If I say, ‘wheatgrass shot,’ you say ________?

Anything you want. Please don’t make me drink wheatgrass.

My yogi says that a strong abdomen means a strong sense of self – what do you do to have a strong sense of self? (in one sentence)

I surround myself with brilliant, funny, supportive people and avoid beauty and gossip magazines.

Who is your favorite book hero? (can be a character, author, publisher)

Arya Stark and Laini Taylor.

Do you know the song, ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary?’

Yes, but those are the only words I know to it.

If you could create a new food group what would it be?

Some kind of chewy group that included mochi, boba, and gummy bears.

If you have to make a present for a family member what would it be? ( I’ve made up a tin whistle song in the past, but I was 8 and it was pretty adorable!)

I do like making custom photo albums. The iPhoto albums are a lot slicker, but there’s still something lovely about actual photo prints, paint, and glue.

Yale in five words?

Magical. Yale was my Hogwart’s.

Hollywood Hills or Venice Beach?

ALWAYS Hollywood Hills. I have a powerful aversion to the West Side of Los Angeles.

The End

About Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo is the author of NYT bestselling of the Grisha Trilogy Her books, Shadow and Bone , Siege and Storm, and  Ruin and Rising.  She graduated from Yale University which is describes as her Hogworths. You can read The Too Clever Fox and The Witch of Duva

Her agent is Joanna Volpe of New Leaf Literary & Media. NL have a fantastic blog with examples of query letters and a Tumblr where you can use the ask function to ask an agent questions.

Bardugo was born in Jerusalem, grew up in Los Angeles, and has worked in advertising, journalism, and most recently, makeup and special effects. These days, she’s lives and writes in Hollywood where she can occasionally be heard singing Leigh Bardugowith her band.

If you are in the States then you really should go to one of the stops on her book tour, she will be giving away a beautiful SIX OF CROW dice upon purchase of a book from her Grisha Trilogy, (read her Tumblr for more details).

Her new book, The Dregs, arrives fall 2015 along with Six of Crows, which  is a  Grisha Novel, set in the world of the Grisha Trilogy.

Leigh Bardugo’s links: website,  Twitter. GoodReads, Pinterest,  Facebook, and her BEAUTIFUL TUMBLR.

Next up we will be having, in no particular order: Sally Nicholls, Kieran Fanning, Eoin Colfer, Katy Moran and many more.

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