King’s Authors with Meg Rosoff

It’s Monday and we have our first King’s Authors (Cajoling Random Observations Now) interview.

You are Meg Rosoff, I am the questioner of weird questions. Here are you questions, we are waiting for your response!

Meg Rosoff answering King's CROWNing Author questions
We are waiting… image source

1. If you could throw a parade what would be its theme?  It would be all horses.

2. I say – shrinks. You say  – Stretches.
3. I say – humans. You say – Dogs.
4. I say – myths. You say – Fairy Tales.
5. I say – monsters. You say – Under the bed.

6. Explain the off-side rule in three words? Ball too far.

7. You are cold and lost, you have a book, blank paper, and a pen -Would you rather burn a book or the blank paper? Why? Definitely the book. I probably wouldn’t have liked it much anyway.

8. Explain dark matter in one word. Space.

9. If you could rule your local town what would your three rules be? No cats. No crime. 24 hour vegetable shop.

10. Favourite literary dog?  Argos, Ulysses’ loyal hound.

           I am an ever bigger fan of the trailblazing Meg Rosoff now. She is represented by Catherine Clarke (UK) from the Felicity Bryan Agency, and Zoe Pagnamenta  (US) from the Zoe Pagnamenta Agency. Her books have been published by Puffin/Penguin, Henry Holt, Random House, and Viking Penguin.

Rosoff is American and lives in London, near Arsenal grounds. She laments spending too much time horse riding when she should be writing. And she notices everything. (As you can see from her latest book Picture Me Gone.)

Make tea and read her books!
Make tea and read her books! Image source

         I met her at a workshop once, and I noticed her asking questions to the participants and then quietly repeating the answers to herself when their answers contradicted the normal answer one would give.

      She is a remarkable author and has a ♦ caustic and authentic VOICE♥ in her books that reaches out to you stroke your ears. In the best way. 😉

      Rosoff has often said that she finds it difficult to plot. she starts with the character and tries to find their story. And the result is always astounding ‏☆. We all go on that same journey of discovery when we read her books. See below for links to some of the best writing advice given by Rosoff.

Her prize winning BOOKS range from picture books to horsie YA, WWIII, and dog/god YA books. Here are her titles:

How I Live Now (2004), which was recently made into a movie starring Saoirse Úna Ronan.

Meet Wild Boars, illustrated by Sophie Blackall (2005) ,

Just in Case (2006) ,

What I Was (2007) ,

Jumpy Jack & Googily, illustrated by Sophie Blackall (2009),

The Bride’s Farewell (2009), the historical horsie one.

Wild Boars Cook (2009) ,

There is no Dog (2013), which came about when Rosoff what would it be like if god was dyslexic and a hrony teenage boy!

Picture me Gone (2014).

These aren’t just regular questions, they are C.R.O.W.Ning questions. and Meg Rosoff deserves her crown.

meg rosoff

Meg Rosoff for a cool blog, @MegRosoff for fierce tweets , The Guardian for truly remarkable insights, thoughts and advice.

All Hail The Rosoff.

Next up we will be having, in no particular order: Leigh Bardugo, Sally Nicholls, Kieran Fanning, Eoin Colfer, Katy Moran, Louise O’Neil, and many more.

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