King’s CROWNing Authors – The beginning of Wacky Interviews with Wonderful Authors

Do you ever tire of reading the same Q&A with authors?

quirky interviews with trad published authors
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Ever wonder what your favorite author’s race horse name pet swan’s name would be? Or the theme they’d pick for a parade? You know, random weird stuff. Important stuff.

Introducing  King’s CROWNing Authors (Cajoling Random Observations Now).


These aren’t just regular questions, they are C.R.O.W.Ning questions.



Some weeks I have loads of author interviews lined up and they have to wait for a Monday to be published. Some weeks, though, I have no interviews to be published. So, I will try my best to post interviews twice a week  and I will have one book review a week. This review will be in this format and will have many books. The weeks I have no interviews I will post round ups, kid lit chat/news or book reviews. So I will publish on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.



This series will be tongue-in-cheek, no authors were harmed in the interview process, well, not badly. They’ll survive and may be happy some day. But they’d be happier today if you read their books. 😉

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