King’s Authors with Kieran Fanning

It’s Monday and we have our first King’s Authors (Cajoling Random Observations Now) interview. Please welcome Kieran Fanning.


Kieran, we are waiting for your wonderfully answers.

We are waiting! image source
We are waiting!
image source

1. Would you rather live in a forest or by the sea? 
By the sea.

2. Explain your answer in one sentence. 

Because you can still plant trees around your house and HEY PRESTO! you live in a forest too – I like having my cake and eating it.  

3. If you were a dog what breed would you be?

I was going to say “Hot dog.  Because who doesn’t love a hot dog?” but that’s my silly answer.  My serious answer is: “Mastiff.  Because a friend of mine has written a great story about these wardogs.”

4. You have been stung by a jellyfish and someone needs to pee on you, name that person. And why that person?
Would have to be my doctor, Dr. Maguire.  Because if his pee didn’t work, he’d know what to do next.

5. Arsenal have lost and it’s all your fault, what will you do to make it up to the fans?

Change their crest to something less violent.  Like cupcakes.

6. I hate cheap chocolate. List three things you hate?
Bureaucracy, waiting, and things which don’t work properly.

7. Oh er, you are a bit harsh listing those things you hate, how will you get over your hate for these items?

Fill in the complaint form and wait for a reply.

8. Ouch, I have neck ache as my crown is too large, list 2 things that will hep?

Abdication or wear your crown on another part of your body.

9. List a book that you’d start a fire with and WHY?

I’d never burn a book.  Tends to cause a lot of trouble.

10. I say Tayto, you say King.

The End.


Did you enjoy reading these as much as I did? Well done, K-man. Or maybe we should refer to you as Master. (He has a masters in Children’s Literature and is a teacher.)

Did you guys know that  Kieran’s debut YA book will be published next year by Chicken House? You do now! Fanning has already written a series of puzzle adventure books for kids with Mentor Books and school textbooks.  His agent is Sallyanne Sweeney from Mulcahy Associates. He was also once a a judge for the CBI Bisto Book of the Year.

Fanning grew up on a farm and read books while everyone around him went about farm chores, sounds like a born writer to me.



Here are his links, Website and Twitter, both of which need to be checked out.


These aren’t just regular questions, they are C.R.O.W.Ning questions. and Kieran Fanning deserves his crown.


By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.

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