The Girl Who Walked on Air – Review

Author: Emma Carroll

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Publication Date: August 2014

Genre: Historical MG

ISBN: 9780571297160


Goodreads Summary

Abandoned as a baby at Chipchase’s Travelling Circus, Louie dreams of becoming a ‘Showstopper’. Yet Mr Chipchase only ever lets her sell tickets. No Death-Defying Stunts for The Girl Who Walked On Air her. So in secret, Louie practises her act- the tightrope- and dreams of being the Girl Who Walked on Air. All she needs is to be given the chance to shine.


My Review

The Girl Who Walked On Air
The Girl Who Walked On Air

As I said in my preview I was delighted to have gotten this book to review. This is Emma Carroll’s second historical story aimed at a middle grade audience, well anyone who likes a good book really.

The setting of a Victorian circus was written well. We see friendships develop between our main character,  Louie, and new arrival, Gabriel. Louie wants to be taken more seriously, she wants to be centre stage on the tight rope but everyone is against her. It will pull on the heart strings of any child who wants independence and to be given more responsibility.


The circus is really a character in this book. The acts all must have THE WHIFF OF DEATH and be life threatening. All performers try their best to push themselves and the audience to the limit.


This is a fantastic read for middle grade kids and victorian circus loving adults also.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle Moloney King says:

    Thanks for the comment, Emma. Yes, I loved the book. Even now I am thinking of the circus.


  2. Thanks so much for reviewing, Michelle. Delighted you enjoyed it! :))


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