Interview with Maria Duffy, writer.

Maria Duffy’s books have been described as, fresh, zany, and hilarious. This is so true. Maria is the author of four books, her latest is One Wish. She’s funny, sweet, cool, quirky, and her books are deadly. I first met her a few years ago at a book thing and she was fabulous. Her writing success is as a result of her bubbly

One Wish
One Wish

personality on Twitter. Yup! She got her agent because of her tweets.

Please welcome Maria Duffy.

Tell me about yourself and your writing in seven words.

Night-owl, Glass-half-full (it’s one word, I swear!), Happy, Chatty, Heart-felt, Shoes, Chocolate

Tell me about your latest book, One Wish, is five words.

Hopeful, Eye-opening, Funny, Homeless, Buy-it (I’m creating a new hyphenated word here – it might catch on!)

Have you ever Googled yourself? Tell me more.

 Well, maybe once or twice – it’s scary!

If you had a race horse what would you name it?

High Heels Rule

Why writing?

The class on making art from banana skins was full up so I thought I might as well…

Would you rather talk about books/writing than read/write? (this is soooo me!)

That’s a difficult one.  I don’t think I can say I’d rather one over the other – I think there’s room for both.  I love writing and I couldn’t imagine my life without it, and when I’m not writing, I try to read as much as I can.  But then there’s something lovely about sitting with a group of like-minded people and chatting about books and about the writing process.  Writing can be a lonely thing so taking time out to chat about it is like getting the fuel to continue on!

Sneakers or heals?

Are you having a laugh? HEEEEEEEEELS!

Tea or coffee when writing?

 No contest. Tea.  I don’t like coffee!

Word games, I will give you a word and you’ll write the first word that comes to mind.

 Me – Maria Duffy

Race – horse

Bog – toilet

Twitter – bird

Writing – books

Kids – cuddles

Dogs – cats

Dublin – home

Mates – fun

History – fail

Dragons – scary

TV – relaxing

Crush – ouch

OMG – What?

Holy – cow

Pen – Friend

 The End. (it’s not often that I get to write that!)

I’ve been entertained, you’ve been brilliant! I wish you the best of luck on the launch of your fourth book, One Wish. I’ve bought my copy and I’m saving it for my holiday reading.

You can find out more about Maria Duffy on her website and keep up to date with her  Twitter and via Facebook. Her books are also available to purchase online via Book Depositary, please see link on the top left of my page.

Disclosure not only do I love reading but I also love buying books to read. So, I am an affiliate with Book Depository. When I am not buying from independent book shops, I buy my books from Book Depository and get a small commission. If you wish to support this site then you can purchase the book from my affiliate link to the left.

If you would like to join in the conversation please warm up your fingers and comment.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. olivierlehe says:

    OK Michelle. Clear. I will try! And what’s about Bernard Werber ? Do you know this author …


  2. Michelle Moloney King says:

    Yes, you must use Goodreads but only if you like to note down everything that you have read. It’s good for researching a book and seeing if there are good reviews about it. And, you can scan in a books ISBN and save the book to a shelf. I love to use that when I am in bookshops browsing.


  3. olivierlehe says:

    Dear Michelle, last book I read was “Third humanity” from Bernard Werber some days ago. Do you know the book and the author? I generally read during holidays but could be also in subways or air planes.

    Depending on I have to write I could use a pen name, for sure! But as it is a pen name, it is secret and I cannot give it …

    For having information about book, I heard ideas on some radios but also internet with blog. Until now, I do not use goodreads. Do you recommend it?


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