How can you learn faster?

How can you link your knowledge to learn new subjects?

How can you learn faster?

How has your past experience helped you today?

I wasn’t use to doing big project. I only ever did sums. Years and years of maths. Nearly a decade of numbers and excel sheets. Well, no excel sheets in college.

Game of knowledge
Game of knowledge


Sure, I was studying information technology and telecommunications. But we studied electronics, physics, computer programming, web design, HTML, Dreamweaver, analogue and digital devices: Only never in a conventional and practical way. No. We learnt about them in pure math squiggles.


A few of the guys got wise about third year.We’d joke how we were the arts degree of the computers department. But they all had a take-away. An idea. And it was to study computer programming. And so they did. Some of them went on to work in coding – a few in animation. The rest of us went into the financial world.


When I went back to do my post grad in primary school teaching, I can never articulate how much of a culture shock it was.


I mean, my vocabulary was pretty limited. I, like, probably sounded like an Irish Paris Hilton?


There I was, having to do term /monthly/weekly/daily/ lesson plans that had relevant themes.(and incorporated differentiation) But now! Now it makes me laugh. Because having themes in lesson plans is the exact same as using keywords for great SEO.


Web Knowledge
Web Knowledge

Using images in blog content is the equivalent as using pictures in the introduction of a lesson plan. Heck, teachers even use ALT tag – all our resources are labelled!


How do you get pupils interested in a (boring) lesson? How will you access their new knowledge? How will you set the lesson so that it’s active learning and not passive?

Yeah, exactly! You’ll do it by asking questions, silly. And in SEO they call that ‘using the Google search term in your blog post.’

No matter what you are doing right now, it all adds up. Don’t leave knowledge compartmentalised. Create links/webs/strands of knowledge.

Nowadays, I take my IT degree, splash it with my teaching post grad, mix them with my learning habbit and I’m drinking lots of digital marketing, blogging, and creative writing cocktails. Fun!


Say Whaaaaat?

How do you learn?

Do you ever question a new subject to see if it’s relatable to your present knowledge?


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  1. Michelle Moloney King says:

    It’s the system, it’s too result focused. There are so many great teachers out there and we have to deal with packed classrooms and strive for results.

    It’s tough having to juggle it all.

    You should check out Twitter ed chats: #edchat #edchatie #edchatie


  2. Iesha.x says:

    Hey thank you so much for checking out my blog! It made my day 🙂
    Such a cute thought provoking contemporary piece, I truly believe that a picture speaks a thousand words x



  3. Being Woven says:

    I do teach the young child as a private tutor for I have retired from the public school classroom. Teaching takes creativity and understanding of the way each child learns. Every lesson must take into account the best way to teach that one child times 20 or 30.
    We are trying to “mass teach” our children these days and that is causing tremendous stress on the young child. We have lost the beauty of teaching filled with fun, with delight, and with individualization.
    I love tutoring because I have one child whom I come to know and can find the ways that work for him or her. Teaching becomes a game for the teacher if he or she is allowed that and if he or she is willing to risk the time to make it just for the children.


  4. Michelle Moloney King says:

    I agree with you about engagement. And you are not old school but new school. I’m speaking as a teacher now but the curriculum is designed with active learning in mind. Teachers are only in the class to scaffold the education. The learning itself has to be consumed in an active fashion.


  5. Michelle Moloney King says:

    It’s all about the visual. THat’s how we first learnt. And that is why the very first writing workshop I did was with Caren Kennedy – how to write TV treatments. It was visualization of text.

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  6. dancey89 says:

    I’m very old school. I learn by doing but their is two categories of people and what works for me will never work for any one else. The trick is, like anything is to engage with people. Like TV adverts, if they are not funny or interesting I doubt any of us take it in.


  7. olivierlehe says:

    Last year, I have written an article about “to create mind changing presentation”. The three main topics were : 1. create visual presentation with big pictures to illustrate more the content; 2. include only 1 idea by slide and 3. tell to people short story because as we were young, people love stories and are able to better understand with stories…

    Lovely article Michelle. I didn’t know that you have made some IT studies …

    The article related:


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