How to be a Digital Champion

How can you get more comments on your blog? How can you engage, authenticity, with other bloggers?


If you’ve ever asked yourself these question, then please welcome your answers in the form of – Harry (Hip-hop) Dance. His wonderful blog is a sultry combination of psychology AND marketing.

digital dance - marketing
digital dance – marketing

Bio: Harry Dance, Digital Marketing Dweeb with a hint of psychology. There is no advice like free advice


The age of the digital champion


OK, you may have started reading this post with the false hope of reading about a digital marketing hero. A Hercules esq figurine, which has that magic gem of knowledge to make your website swing! Sorry to say, I’m not sure there is a person with that power.


What I’m talking about is the importance of building a community and by the phrase “digital champion” I mean that special individual which connects with your brand / ideas and helps promote it/them.  I may have lost a few of you by now but to simplify the idea, it’s no longer a dog eat dog world but it’s all about team work.


digital marketing hero
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A lot of us, including me, thought my content and knowledge was so superior people should just follow me for being me. Narcissistic I know but when you start out, you truly don’t know what this online world is. You just see a few individuals with a thousand billions followers (slight over exaggeration) and they only follow 10 people and you naturally think that could be you. Realistically, sorry to say,  that probably won’t happen. Now we have got over that fence and realised we will need to do some work towards building an online presence, we can focus on the digital champions.


“Champion” is the word you should focus on, because these people are the reason you will get anywhere. So what are these champions, well they are blog/website owners you respect and they hopefully respect you.


They can truly be anyone, find 10 blogs which has truly unique content on which you engage with and enjoy, and become their digital champion, promote their work, write a blog about their content/ issues they have raised, link back to them, engage with their content by commenting or drop them an email saying how much you like their stuff. No, you don’t have to do all of these things but what you should understand is you have to engage with them and not rely on them coming to you. Why you ask? Well humans are programmed to reciprocate supposed favours and acts of kindness, why do you think when the council ups our tax by 8% then drops the tax increase to 3% we feel like they have done a favour.


Digital Marketing made Pretty
Digital Marketing made Pretty

Now when they start engaging with you back, you have yourself to chance to create your own digital champion. This doesn’t mean you just have one more fan; you have one fan with his/her own fan club. Meaning you have found yourself being promoted in front of a new audience, which you may never have found. It’s the equivalent of making a best friend and being invited to his 21st where you know no one and then making a new group of friends.


Yes this may seem like a slow approach, especially if they don’t have a huge following. However look at it like this, every time one of your digital champion grows, so does their audience, meaning so does your audience and the best thing about this is, at the end of the day a digital champion is someone you respect. You are literally boosting your online presence by supporting and interacting with someone you rate.


So what can we conclude from this, create and continually interact with a few key figures and you literally have the start of a marketing campaign through friendship. Oh yeah, we’re no better than anyone else. We all start from zero and we all need some help along the way


Dog eat dog my ass, I got myself a champion .


Harry Dance – Digital Marketeer – Creator and Publisher of



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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle Moloney King says:

    Thank you. The more the merrier!


  2. Michelle Moloney King says:

    I’ve just been to your blog and I love it. At last an Irish teen fashion blog. I find that as I get older that my stlye is staying the same. And that’s not cool. So I love to see what’s new and fresh, espicially on blogs.

    I’m delighted that you stopped by because now I’ve got a new fashion blog to follow and get advice from.

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  3. olivierlehe says:

    Dear Michelle, very good article (as usual) on the “social digitalization” and capacity we have to have a lot of “virtual” followers, be a digital champion and do not have “real” friends in the life. We have also say that “digital life” is part of the “real life”; not completely and a bit… Nothing is black and white, as usual. And you humor and capacity to open subject is fantastic. I’m one of your fan 😉


  4. iesha says:

    A really lovely piece with a sprinkle of humour! It helped alot, thank you ❤
    Keep up the awesome work 🙂



  5. dancey89 says:

    Amazing, thank you! Not sure that quote will go down in history but fingers cross I get an OBE


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