Do You Break the Rules of Podcasting?

Do you write creative copy and want to podcast?

How do you handle the transition from text to audio? Do you draft your script of just wing it?

Man, I hate writing SEO copy here. I know!

I knowww! It has to be done but wouldn’t  it be so much more fun to just have a title like – ‘Digital Dancer – you have the coolest name ever – after mine!’

Because that’s his name. (I KNOW! Don’t start sentences with ‘because’) P.S. In my defence, I copy Roddy Doyle and Frank McCourt in their style. These guys take the rules and smack ’em!

Anyway, I have been lucky because I have been getting a lot of cool people commenting on the aould blog lately. Yes, I did disable commenting a while ago. No, it wasn’t because I was getting rude comments. Bothered?


So, one chap asked me to guest blog on his fantastic blog. He is a digital marketeer and has an undergrad in psychology.

I have been researching a lot, lately, and have found most digital marketing podcasts to be wanting. And so, in a fit, I wrote about it. And Digital Dancer published it.

GO HAVE A READ, explore his site. Soak in the digital marketing, creative content, SEO hotness, and the psychology-ness-sssss of it all.

P.S. I know that I make fun of SEO and keywords but they actually do work. So, like, if you can manage to write with SEO in mind and your soul on show – ya could be onto a hit, honey.


Also, I made my first infograph. And I even made it interactive. You you have to go to the ThinkLink site to see it (I used the free package)


Leave a comment if YOU DARE! (you probably wont’ ’cause you are a chicken??

Do you blog and if so do ya use SEO hot keywords?

How do you construct your blog posts?

How do you make your blog infographs?

Am I the only one who doesn’t like sunny weather?




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By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.

7 replies on “Do You Break the Rules of Podcasting?”

Protect ourself in our life is essential; otherwise, we expose ourself to others too much with the risk to suffer uselessly.
In the personnal life, it is different: we must share and express our feelings in order to remain understandable to those we love and who loves you. This exhibition is instead saving; it helps to remove painful moments.

Be able to give to those we love is also essential to a balanced personal life.

Between men and women: no so sure; of course Men have it a bit easier in many cases; but some women are also able to do so with the same facility. We are not so far on equility on this subject.


I agree, I wonder should you protect yourself – even in your private life, also. You see, as a woman the day-to-day demands are never far away. We are never off. We over-give and think of others before ourselves.

A bit of protection goes a long way, eh‽

Men do have it a bit easier. It’s just genetics not personality.

(And that’s why women will (eventually) co-rule – because we get equality!)


Dear Michelle, I agree with you: be self-confident and self-esteem is something very complex. Nevertheless, you can work on it and you do work on it to have a better perseption of yourself. It is important; this is primordial I would say. And here, we are speaking about social life: social life doesn’t mean that you are completely yourself: you are yourself with your family, your friends; but in your social life, you should be someone else. And it is also important to yourself: to protect yourself. I hope that you will appreciate my blog as I appreciate yours.


Hi Oliver,

Many thanks for the comment.

I knew a guy, a sales man, and every morning before work he’d listen to Christy Moore. He said that Moore reminded him of over coming adversity and that if he could do it then so could he. Unfortunately that was all he did for his self-esteme. And so, he just came across as corny. Confidence and self-esteem come from deeper places. And, while, pretending to be cool ala Bond or Jolie will get you in the mind-set you need to delve deeper and know what makes you strong and weak. And then capitalise on it. And that, my friend, takes time and reflective self-practices.

I’m heading to your site now for a gawk.


Most often, it’s movie stars and sports superstars who have a very high social value. A short-cut to assuming the persona of someone with a high social value is to simply pretend that you’re James Bond, Angelina Jolie or the hottest football, baseball or basketball star at the moment. Silly as it may sound, doing this gets your brain into the right mode to make you aware of how you behave differently than normal. It can be useful for being more conscious of your behavior. However, you need to have a deeper understanding of social value to be able to implement it as a permanent part of your personality. High social value is most often attractive, but not always. In this text, I will explain why …
If you would like to read more about high social value, you can access to my blog on:


Ah, Shuuur. Flattery will get you everywhere on this blog!

*tips hat at the Digital Dancer*

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